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SunPower for Schools

SunPower for Schools is an in-class solar learning laboratory for students in EMC service areas across the state.

Developed in 2005 in partnership with its Member EMCs, the Sun Power for Schools program provides participating schools with on-site solar panels and the software necessary to study the conversion into electricity of energy produced by the sun.  SunPower for Schools is the largest solar education program in Georgia.

To date, Green Power EMC has installed solar arrays and monitoring equipment at more than 40 middle and high schools within EMC territories across the state.  By monitoring solar power strength during certain weather and light conditions, students gain a better understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy.

Green Power EMC SunPower for Schools Installations:

 SunPower for Schools Installations Map           

A Unique Learning Experience

Along with the latest equipment, Green Power EMC and its partners developed this curriculum to complement and reinforce the school curriculum standards for science and math. In addition, schools seeking to provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs will benefit from the learning laboratory included with the program. SunPower for Schools program curriculum was developed by the University of West Georgia, in partnership with Green Power EMC. 

This off-the-shelf program provides lessons appropriate for middle school students, high school students and some that can be used at either level. The curriculum is divided into a series of lesson plans that cover four primary areas: 1) physical science, physics and chemistry; 2) math; 3) biology and environmental science; and 4) earth science.


For more information, contact Alan Shedd at or 770-270-7217




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